Apr 19, 2009

Snax Part 3

At least once a year I gotta just show some snacks. Yesterday= doubles (Jamaican chickpea sandwich) & roti (stuffed Indian flatbread). Lately= Vietnamese sandwiches. Recently= Chinese and Polish dumplings. Not recently enough= Lombardi's pizza. 3 weeks ago= avocado, lemon, chile, olive oil on buttered multi-grain toast. Mostly= Canadian butter tarts (not pictured). These are some nugs from Toronto and Nyc.
Lime meringue tart from the cafe at Balthazar, NYC. Grubtastic. Also try the ham and cheese croissant. It has bechamel on it which definitinely brings it to the next level.

Lombardi's pizza with Mikal. NYC. Coal oven- the best. I get it with fresh ricotta and olives.
Avocado toast with lemon, chile, salt, and olive oil from Cafe Gitane, NYC. I was with my swedish friend Martin, this blew his mind. Made me miss California.

Dumplings with Sarah at the dumpling house on Eldridge. The sesame pancakes (right) are illegally delicious and the fried pork buns (top middle) are addictive, NYC. All of this food was $18. I can't believe I only went here on my last day in NYC. From now on, at least twice a week.

Banh Mi- from Saigon bakery on Broome St. in NYC. My fave. $3. Insane.
A 'double' from the Jamaican bakery in Kensington market in Toronto. Curried chickpea and mango on the inside of soft bread. So good. $1 each!
Ok kids. Dig this. The Canadian bacon that we all know in love in the States is called 'peameal bacon' in Canada. This special cut of meat is rolled in cornmeal and forms sorta a crust. It's super good.
This is a peameal bacon sandwich from the St. Lawrence market in Toronto. I am only posting things that were really tops.
Yes, I am happy.

Pickles, Pickles, Pickles. Oh, and lots of pickled eggs in Toronto. I tried one and they serve it with hot sauce. I was down. So the only thing I have to try is still the beer cheese sandwich from 'the communist's daughter' in Toronto. I have 3 days.

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laura said...

oh i love food, you make me hungry now! we have that vietnamese pork roll too here, they're so yummy yet incredibly cheap!