Jun 23, 2009

Everything must go, except you.

Garage sale fever.
Nancy took this at 9:00 am. There were 20 people behind her racing up the driveway about to grab at all my stuff. Hectictimes.com. Yes, a lot of rad stuff. I kept a couple of the synths in the end.
At the end...some of the stuff left.
A happy customer. My kind bud Seth. Funny story: I bought these brown vans at a thrift store 2 years ago knowing that one day I would meet some dude that would fit these. Low and behold. Maybe he's my Cinderella. Setherella. Boom.
Days later. Kyle suits up in his favorite color in our sweatshirt. Kyle (little wings) is playing with us (Rubies) at our album release party July 9 in San Francisco at The Rickshaw Stop. You should come. I did not sell these at the garage sale.

The famous storage spot that I talked about for years. Empty.

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ashli said...

good idea to take garage sale pictures- we have one coming up :)
yay for downsizing. ps nice blarg fellow blogspotter!