Jun 5, 2009

Lost Unicorn, Snail, Elf, and Bunny

I just moved into my new little room at my friends place in Oakland. I'm up here to work on music and see what it's like back in the bay. Properly. It's been almost exactly 4 years since I moved away. I feel everything. I sold almost everything I own during my big blowout garage sale last weekend. I've been like a homing pigeon, flying back to Santa B because my *stuff* is there. Well now, my stuff is everywhere. That sounded weird. You know what I mean. So with me, came my little buddies from my storage space. Snail & Elf, the sequined Unicorn I made Daniel and Carlyn go back for at the open air market in Mexico after I couldn't stop thinking about her, and the black bunny that belonged to my father when he was little. Oh yeah, also my ping pong paddles and a jazz chord progression book. Also these 2 little bottle vases that are empty right now. Mbox. Cool to have my pillows back too. They are soft. I gotta write songs. I also want to hang out with people and talk about why things are and why things aren't. Mainly about why things are.If you know about any outdoor ping pong tables let me know. I also want to play lots of tennis.

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freshpinkstyle said...

Welcome back to Oakland!