Sep 16, 2009

Let's Roll

Wow it's cool to be playing songs spontaneously. Monday's show was incredible. Kacey Johansing has such a powerful voice. I was nervous to sing after her. Good for me to be in the moment musically. That's what playing alone does. It forces you to be only in the moment. Something I've been struggling with lately. Mind is always running in circles. Good to stop, drop, and roll. Let's roll. I've been invited to repeat the performance at Chez Jeanette this friday in Paris. I went there for the first time with my friend Mary and her dog Rocco. She has done some photoshoots there because the interior is so spooky old Paris. Almost Grandma. But if your Grandmother was thriving in 1936 and put up wallpaper and gold chandeliers and watched them decay to become chic in the 1970's. Guess it all comes back around. Also, the usual ephemera and old stuff.

Ed Brachfeld. Owner of the gallery we all played at on Monday. He is also one of my fave people. Yes, there is a derriere behind us at all times. The photographs on the walls of the gallery are by Todd Cole. Some really beautiful landscapes- ala California- and also the landscapes of the female figure. Classic nude portraiture is always captivating.
Kacey Johansing.

Molly amazing to have had this special night with her in Paris. She has been a major part of the 'Monday night hoot' - a night that would happen at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. Here, in Paris, another monday night hoot. I do realize that I'm capitalizing words at free will here.

Look into the silver apple.
Strange/Rad/Strange window display at an art supplies store.
Couldn't find a more complicated logo than this one. I've been doing a lot of logo design lately. Guess I need to step it up a notch like the Parisians.
Coolest complicated wood desk.
Molly and Bart in our new fave apartment in Paris. D & A's place! Another beacon of light popped up in Paris- watch as it glows quietly and warmly on the globe.

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