Sep 6, 2009

Turning Heads & The Golden Potatoes

I had 6 hours in Zürich. This was in between Toronto and Berlin. One of the last things I saw that caught my mind in Toronto was this bizarre picture of the back of heads (last image.) CHeck out the hairstyles. The next thing I noticed were golden potatoes in the airport in Switzerland. I wandered the streets and ended up meeting my friend Evangelos, a DJ and musician, and we shared the most pleasant 'Flammkuchen'- which is similar to a pizza- with Speck (smokey bacon), creme fraiche, carmely onions, chives, and gruyere cheese. This woke me up for at least an hour. Still, I don't remember the last time I was so tired. It was comforting to wander in Switzerland. The purgatory flight situation. Astral body left behind in Canada. I waited for myself to arrive into Europe. I waited and waited. I arrived as a zombie into Berlin dreaming of the vinegar lentils at Schwarzwald Stubbe and Augustina beer. I am finally here. Left Toronto on Thursday and now it is Sunday. I have arrived. I saw the Parra show. More on that later.

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