Nov 17, 2009

People need colors & light

This posting is inspired by you Erlend. You sent me this monochromatic 'mayor of browntown' pic....(although the original mayor was Nat Russell, you can have the Norway title)...Listen to Erlend and Eirik's new album "Declaration of Dependence" (Kings of Convenience)- front cover of the album shot by my sis Danielle Rubi down in Mexico where they worked on the songs for the album. I'm in Santa Barbara today. Been down in the Laurel Canyon for a few days and digging it there. Making new plans. A new life. New ideas. New collabs. Blank slate. Learning about art vs ego. I want to hole up and work this winter. I'm not allowed to travel for 6 months. I'm not allowed to have crushes. I'm going to stay still. Tough times ahead. Portfolio, learning after effects, and new songs are calling me. Stay close though. I can't imagine you disappearing.