May 19, 2010

Johansing for Short

In celebration of today and it's goings on.... Today is the album release party/show for my buddy Kacey Johansing. I met her on a plane from Berlin to Paris last fall. That meeting resulted in some next level dancing, singing, slo-jam talks, and late night walks. Also, I did the artwork and some photography for her new album. Below is the stuff. Also, I wanted to share with you more artwork I did for friends "Franklin for Short"- who are about to tour with Norwegian buddies- Kings of Convenience. Starting June 1 on the east coast of the USA. I introduced the Kings to 'Franklin' when I asked Franklin for Short to play a party the night before my sis got married in Ojai almost 2 years ago... So glad to have worlds collide. Venn diagram!
I asked Kacey to give some personal totem items that she felt really connected to. I got a box of feathers, some redwood tree clippings, and a lock of her hair. This is the result.

I spent an afternoon with Seth and Trevor from Franklin for Short recently... They picked me up while I was down in Santa Barbara at my folks place. I took them up the mountain and we talked about how I should approach the artwork of their new record 'dark cloud.' These were the words-of-consciousness. Colors of sounds, purple, bacharach, light, butch cassidy, my dress, california, the beach, lightning, bob seger, a bull, rock formations, the desert, color contrast, sunrise and sunset, winds from the east, sunset, the magic hour, and M*A*S*H. The front cover photo was taken from inside a wave. In the ocean.

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