May 29, 2010

opposites attract & a light leak

Been finding myself in opposing environments quite often lately. Here are some recent filmy shots to prove it. Ocean, meet the desert. Desert, meet the ocean. Redwoods, meet Andreas Söderström. The light found it's way through my old clunky 35 mm which I don't always dig, but the leak on these shots seem to celebrate the silence. In the first 3 shots, look for the pink line. Light!

This is near Vanessa's families house in Joshua Tree that Neil built. These are tangerine's picked earlier in the day from her other family house in Ojai. Ojai tangerines are diamonds.

Out in the Sunset. San Francisco beaches.

These shots were taken during a week where Swedish buddy Andreas Söderström came to visit us in California. We were helping Terri make a video for a song off his new album 'Salt Marsh' while hanging out in Joshua Tree, Ojai, and San Francisco. A hint for the video vibe? Dominoes.

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