Oct 18, 2011


Well it is for me anyway. Call me new agey,  and according to the urban dictionary, being new agey means, "...you have a crystal collection, believe in alternative medicine, eat organic, wear socks and sandals, and/or believes in auras and energy fields." Love the "and/or" on that last part. Well as some of those things might be true, however, I still think it's the coolest thing when someone knows how to be silent in nature, breathing in that moonlight, hugging that, uh...tree. But check this out. I've been setting goals on the full moon. I gotta feel true about something, seek it out, do it, make it, talk the walk, walk the talk, by each full moon. It seems like a sensible amount of time to get it done. Get her done. Sooooo, last Tuesday night, I cruised up to the top of a small mountain near my house. Tilden park. It was nice and dark. Late. 11ish. I had done the thing I was set out to do. I was celebrating. Alone. Nice. Pointed the camera up at the moon even though it's almost always impossible to take a picture of the moon and have it not just look like a far away little circle in the big black shape of sky, and starting writing with the moon as the brush and this is what she said. Oh, and no photoshop here, pals. So dig that. Dig this. Set some goals. Make a list already. Get it done.

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