Oct 30, 2006

time travel.

how can i look forward to thinking about yesterday? i am getting close to the end now. i feel the kinetic momentum towards the return. i have to slow down and stay at a good pace now though. the time is going by faster and i have more left to do. i leave for stockholm in 8 hours. i ate some raw meat tonite. it was good. i heard about a postcard that had a hamburger karaoke band on it? jeez. that sound too good to be true. on a side note, i bought shoes for 6 pounds at a grandma shoe store. i hope i like them in a week. the guy in the shop kept laughing at me for initially asking for a size 10 womens- which at home is what i am- but here i am a size 8. i didn't think it was that funny but the dude was cracking himself up. i want to record a lot this week. london has been good. mainly the conversation and walking. met a cool group of graphic designers and they invited me to the studio and they pretty much blew my mind with all the cool work they have been doing. i ate lunch with them and they fed me some wierd fishy potato thing. it tasted better when they showed me the neat magazine they made. oh yeah, and they made mugs with drawings of their friends faces on it. they do a drawing of everyone they know and then slowly add them to this huge file of face drawings. i had my picture taken so they could draw me, because they know me now.

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