Aug 1, 2009

Dude, I Know it's Hard & Send Me My Mr {Prints for Sale!}

These prints have been following me around like stray kittens. These were originally made for a gallery show in Cincinnati - Nathaniel Russell and I each made 2 designs and they hung out together. Nat printed them. The zen master that he is. That show was called 'Everything Until Now'-Some pics from that show here. We did a bunch of fun gallery shows that incorporated these prints. The first one is called 'Dude, I Know it's Hard'. Which, as you could imagine, I am saying that to everyone and anyone. Because sometimes everything seems to turn into a tunnel of confusing darkness, and that's OK. We are all in it together (stars). Cosmic buddies are all around you. The other is called 'Send Me My Mr'. Initially, I was really into the 2 letter words visually. It's really about reaching out. Longing for everything and nothing at the same time. Feeling IT. Needing IT. Waiting for love, ready to give. One person bought this print because they thought it was religious. To each their own I suppose. I like to keep things as open as possible. You figure it out. I just want to let you know that I know and I get it if you ever wanna talk. This is the deal. I have a few left of each. There were 100 each to start. I have about 6 of each left. These prints have ended up with the people that need them most. Friends in Bergen, Norway, Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Oakland, Toronto and Santa Barbara. Now, I am here in Oakland. Ready to send you yours. They are each $40.USD or Є30 or $45 CAN or £25 or ¥3,800. or 245Kr or 290SEK or 440.Pesos etc etc. That includes shipping. Anywhere. They are 18" X 24". Standard poster frame size on light tan kraft paper. I'll write you a note on the back. Paypal Ps. the last one is a Jack Johnson poster I designed last year. The 4 color gradient sunset is pretty radical in person. Plus, you can always cut off the text and just keep the sunset. Just saying. I have 1 left. $50. Ps. I've never sold anything off my blog before. Cool or weird?


Hélène said...

that's 82,000 colombian pesos. I'd love to have one of those arriving in the mail.

I'll figure it out.

dena from the blog said...

the first one - i had to see it again. one of those moments, where i want to stare in this poster forever. HUGS

The aesthetician said...

I have to have one of the "dude i know it's hard" prints. are you still selling them or know where I can buy one?