Aug 30, 2009

The Goods

Dear Self, Try not to read into and suspiciously question things too much like, 'why is there always more dirt in my bed in toronto then any other city?.' You are very good at noticing *everything*. (These are some goods from Toronto. Say Toronto like "Tuh-raw-no")
Little pink-red buoy guy.
Daniela, the joy. This was after watching 'Grizzly Bear' and 'Mates of State' in a Disneyland-ish type setting. Another note to self, don't go to huge amphitheaters to see bands on the lake in Toronto. Unless it is you that is getting the major bank to play and bail.
Russ Nichols. Owner of 'Aunties and Uncles.' The best breakfast in Toronto. He might be a new top fave of this city. I got 2 meals cooked from this dude. Breakfast and then later, dinner at his home. We talked about Julia Child and looked through cookbooks. I love when people cook dinner for a bunch of people and you can barely notice that they were cooking. Grace and finesse. Maybe when people do what they love, it's like the craft becomes invisible because it is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.
Afie and wallpaper. You will hate him for putting riffs in your head that will never escape. (By hate I mean you will beg him to keep playing)
This is the second best thing I learned this week. Boil then saute radishes with butter and fresh herbs. Mind blower. The first best thing I learned was to be soft in a situation that I usually kinda act tough in. Feels good to let it all happen. Soft is the new tough.
The dinner at Russ's. I can't explain how perfect this was.
Heather Goodchild and some of the insanely beautiful and charged things she makes. She hooked these rugs for an art show she has coming up in October. She also is making a deck of morality cards. Her visions and ideas are crush worthy. Masonic symbolism and destiny by choice.

Ending with a butter tart from Dark Horse. I might have cried a single tear.

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