Aug 26, 2009

Inner Islands

So it first started here.
Then we all went here - to the Music Gallery (in an old church) and Daniela and I transformed this church into a Cali/Canada musical womb. It looked like this in the beginning of the day.

Then we helped it to look like this.

My other Daniela. We were super stoked about the specialness of the night we put together. It's always worth it, people. Sometimes when you are alone and you feel like it's too difficult to work with others, stuff like this comes along and it changes everything. COLLABORATE.

There will be more pictures later. I didn't really take any and that means something really really good happened. I was blown away and brought to tears by all of the incredible performances at the event. 8 people performed. We started outside in the courtyard with everyone laying around on the lawn- then we went inside. Snowblink sounded perfect. Leslie and I performed a song together on stage for the first *real* time. We sang 'look at what the light did now' with the help of my friends 'Tall Tales' and Seth Pettersen. I was so happy to see these dudes walk through the door- I could smell the salt in the air. This is what the pad looks like now in summer below. This is what California pals look like in Canada.

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