Dec 1, 2006

playing you songs from my upcoming album

so i have this idea to play a show from my room on wednesday. dec 5. i thought it would be both funny and entertaining to see someone play some songs from their room for people with ichat and skype. this idea came to me when i was playing a song for a friend the other night on skype and thought that doing a show this way would be a fun experiment. plus it's free and you can hang out in your room and we can hang out together this way. i am going to do this around 11am california time so 8pm uk time 9pm west europe time. i am going to play songs from the upcoming album and a new one that i wrote 2 days ago. unfortunately i won't be with the other "rubies" but i promise to be slightly interesting and mostly genuine. plus i can show you what santa barbara from my front door looks like and you will meet my cats marcel and julius. you are in for a treat! ichat name is skype name is simonerubi

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Anonymous said...

Rad... will you be IM-ing viewers between songs? That would be tight.