Dec 7, 2006

i miss you, me, and the thing

i really do. staying focused can be hard. i feel so isolated in this small town but i am learning how to challenge myself. i am interested in what a place is and what is does to a person. there are a lot of things wrong about this town but i am grateful for it's beauty and gentle nature. i want in on all of that stuff but i want out on code and whimsy. have i mentioned how much i dislike everything that is 'whimsical'? barf.

i think being in a larger city just means you are more social and you have more opportunities to measure yourself up against everything. art, music, people, relations, structure, color, politics,etc.

like a social reflection. a mirror where you decide whether or not you are into the way you seem when bounced off of others and new experiences. so in a small place you tend to just have yourself and the environment to bounce off of. in my case, it's me, my sister and her boyfriend, the mountains and the ocean. oh and my musical instruments. good for now, bad for later.

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nathaniel russell said...

look within!