Dec 14, 2006

over and over

lately been listening to:
doris - whispering pine
studio - out there/life's a beach
blood music - the hair
ass - stealing apples
paul simon - run that body down
racket and ball - do you
el perro del mar -god knows
norman jay - giant 45 show on bbc radio
ned doheny - hard candy (album)
lindstrom - it's a feedelity affair (album)
spinners - could it be i'm falling in love
birds of america - you
kilimambogo brothers - nwendwa jane
karen young - deetour
peter bjorn and john - young folks
tussle - warning
paul mccartney & wings - wonderful christmas time
ratatat - wildcat
the whitest boy alive - burning
soft machine - the soft weed factor

1 comment:

freshpinkstyle said...

Rad list...I played Doris' "You Never Come Closer" on KALX this morning, sooo good! You've gotta to hear the Split Level song on the latest Soft Sounds for Gentle People V. 4 comp, moog goodness!