May 8, 2009

Santa Barbara is Burning

Last night I drove around with Adrian's mom to see if we could help people that were having a hard time evacuating due to the 'Jesusita Fire.' What I saw was like what I imagine the northern lights to look like. The glowing pink, red, purple skies from all of the spot fires that start lighting up due to the evening winds. As strange as this sounds, it was oddly beautiful. Not in a morbid way, but in a 'beauty is nature/nature is beauty' way. Day 3 of the fire. I evacuated my old family house... Strange to have all of the important possessions filling 2 cars. I did sneak up late last night past some cops to see if our house was ok. It is..and it seems like our house will be ok... Still, I am continuing to carry on as normal...just trying to be aware for everyone in this beautiful city. Surreal.

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