May 12, 2009

Smoke gets in, then flies.

Apparently the fires have stopped here in Santa Barbara. Why then are there helicopters still flying over this house and to the mountains? There's something happening. In light (dark) of the recent fire happeningggggs. Here is a photo I took last month in NYC of a burning sky across the Whitney.

Ok now I'll slide on over to the tie to NYC. Once in a while I just want to celebrate someone.
Mainly rad friends that do cool stuff. I'm sorry if you are shy and don't want to be online in the world, but I wanna just honor your specialness. Today, it's my friend Brent. He has this overall excitement for everything. Even when he doesn't like something, there is still excitement about DISliking it. It's the fire. He's got it. (see? i just tied the fire back again to end this post). I first felt the connectedness when I realized he also is an open lover of good prog tunes. Here's Brent at a gallery he helps run in NYC at Moss. The stuff they represent is fancy and intricate and deserves greatness in presentation and where it should live. My house! ha.

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