May 14, 2009

Chubby Cheeks & I Feel Electric

Finally. Rubies music coming out worldwide. This tuesday-May 19- is the release of the "I Feel Electric" EP. A new buddy, Mocky, (rad musician, producer, bro: co-produced and co-wrote for the last Feist, Jamie Lidell, Kevin Blechdom albums) - did some acoustic versions of our songs. One of them is going to be included on the I Feel Electric EP. "Stand in a Line" (Acoustic Version by Mocky). He just put out a super smooth jazz-kinda-pop-bacharach-album 'Saskomodie'. I have some whispers on a track "Chubby Cheeks". In good company. Taylor Savvy, Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, and Feist make some musical and vocal appearances too."Birds of a feather" kills me. I have this song in my head at all times. Listen to some of it here.
Check out the 'Mockumentary'

Our album is coming out worldwide on June 9! New remixes and a brand new track coming out June 16.. including a remix by our kind bud 'Sorcerer'. "Diamonds on Fire" (Pyramid Dub Version by Sorcerer)...check back later on more info.

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mariam the believer said...

congratulations, thats just so wonderful! Spreading the magnetice Rubie-vibes worldwide!!!
Hope your well. Was so nice meeting you once. Hope we will meet twice and on and on someday soon.
(I didn´t say much to God, I tried to kiss him though but you know how sinful that can make you feel, in a church and all)