May 4, 2009

Invisible Thread

'Rubies' performed at Danielle's photo exhibition opening party last Saturday at Mollusk Gallery/Surf Shop in San Francisco. Here are some photos and videos from that mystical eve. It was a cool night because we hadn't played in the USA in months- so we saw a bunch of old friends....and also celebrating the strongest photo collection I have seen from my sis. In the entire collection of photos, there is this strong horizon line that weaves the pictures together. Look for it. Wait for it. Boom! Magic. We performed a complete-heart-channeled-chant-song titled after the show 'invisible thread' that came together the night before. A one-night-only kinda performance. Letting what happens, happen. I was singing at top volume the entire drive up to the bay. Talk about complete immersion back in California from my first real winter in Canada! Playing with 40 surfboards surrounding us. Sound & vision forever. Infinite. Danielle and I keep seeming to take care of these two spectrums. She moves to Paris in 3 weeks. I'm counting. Sad. Photos below by spirit nor. cal. sister, Molly Tuttle.

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