Sep 25, 2006

bikes and battles

i love riding bikes through towns with cobblestones. the rhythms that are made are rad. the speed is just perfect too. slow enough to have thoughts (unlike driving on highways) and fast enough to make you feel stoked on getting home at night. e lent me ina's "veteran bike" which was this great 50's black bike. the pedals were solid, the one speed a bit clunky, but i was diggin it. on my last day in bergen yesterday, i was able to watch the sunrise which was incredible. i rode out to this lookout spot near the flat and hung out with a bunch of fisherman.

i am in stockholm now. staying at a "festlocal" at my friend liz and marten's place. it is a studio apartment in a building that folks that own flats in the same building can sign up to use for friends. so i've got it for the week and it feels great to be in the center of it all. rumour is that it was used to store dead bodies back in the day though. i had some creepy imagery and make believe scents this morning (mourning) as i thought too much about it. but then i watched 'when harry met sally' at 3 am and the spirits became friendly new yorkers instead of faceless diseased swedes in corsets and leather. hah.

i have to say
billy crystal is funny. dude. really funny. rewatch that movie! there is a lot of those split screen shots where harry and sally are both in bed talking on the phone. there is a scene where harry says, "i'm gonna go now and lie here and moan for a while". Sally says "good night" and hangs up the phone. Her side of the screen goes black and on harry's side, the camera stays on him for about 20 seconds while he is obviously ad-libbing and he just lies there and moans for a while. really funny.

maybe i was just nostalgic for american new york humour that had me laughing out loud. not sure. oh dag, now i'm a little embarrassed for even mentioning that film. whatever.

days are turning into a series of symbols, metaphors, math, longing, and melodies.
been listening to the bergen songs and i am loving them. e's voice is like velvet.

doing vocal recording tomorrow.... 6 songs. hope to get it done in one day. we'll see.
i'm definitely going back to bergen to record for more songs. i miss those guys already. had such a fun night with davide on the last night. talking intently about sound. recording that last kings record. the "moments" that they had compared to the moments we shared. i guess "the build-up" was his favorite moment. it felt completely alive in the studio during that recording. i got chills when he described the sound in that studio during that day.

during day 2 of our studio sessions
eirik said right before the take that ended up being the final take, "i feel like i am in the best chapter of the book of music."

they are feeling it. so am i.

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