Sep 14, 2006

from beach to bergen

chapter 5.
after a wonderful week home in california (see beach above) playing shows with feist...
and on stage with my homies terri and dan

i am here in norway.
it took 24 hours of travelling from la to here. dude.

put to walk along these cobblestone street and taste the saffron in the bread
brings me back to exactly one year ago
when d and i were here climbing hills, playing music, and learning words.

i painted a room today in eiriks new apartment. it will be the room where i sleep.
his mom and i made it happen...
and it was so so so warm too. such a california day here. rode bikes (i have a bike!) and ate strange organic concoctions (pumpin and beet root soup, ham and scrambled egg sandwiches and red currant rolls) with eirik in his hometown. jammed with kommode which was great! oystein, anders, eirik and i jamming some elevator funk. totally digging his new songs and teaching them one of mine. sounding good.

"it's not enough" i think is the title of this one.

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