Sep 17, 2006

i almost died

from an exlosion made by fireworks!
bergen boys and me were lying on the roof of the rehearsal space watching the stars.
fireworks came shooting out of nowhere
stuff flying down at us
still on fire
then racing to get back into the building but were locked out
yelling for someone to let us in
and finally got in
10 seconds later
an explosion on the roof from one for the big fireworks
and a shooting ball of fire came straight at us at the glass

if we had been there for 10 more seconds...something horrible would have happened.
it was crazy
but i have to say
pretty awesome
it felt like 6th grade shenanigans.

on another note
i am way into this one cafe på høyden
local and organic
yummy stuff.
here is the saffron bread/red currant/gouda sandwich
pumpkin and red beet soup
aoili on all the bread here!

a lot of these pancakes
which are like in between a crepe and our pancakes
i had one with spinach, bacon, and chevre that was pretty tasty

one thing i really dig
is when they make an ice coffee, they put some sugar in with the espresso when it's hot
before pouring it over ice

now you may think that is the obvious and logical way so that the sugar melts
but how come we don't do this at home? every cafe at home hands you the ice coffee and never asks if you would like it to be sweet so they can do that for you...


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