Sep 18, 2006

doing the thing

recording started today. we did the basics for 2 songs. i am super happy with the change in arrangement and tone. eirik has a great ear for changes and oystein and anders are really feeling the music. yes! my plan has worked! on the way home from the studio, at 3am, i had this thought... about another thought. a thought that entered my brain so long ago, the idea to make an album on my own- with help from people i really care about and whose music has inspired me. it's really hard to do things all alone- so the help has really taught me new ways to play, new ways to listen, and new ways to feel. also, working with these new engineers, gets me closer to knowing what to listen for and how to work with others. whoa, this is sounding like a cover letter for a resume. but you get the idea. the main thing, is that there were really really good snacks there. and oystein was making us all laugh....especially when he started imitating dudes from radiohead on the cover of mojo, like in this photo.

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