Sep 22, 2006

homes and houses

took a walk and found some neat doors, more postboxes, homes on water, black and white birds, 13th century roads, and open fields. i am starting to wonder if there is such a thing as travelling too much. were we meant to constantly overload our minds? i've experienced the addiction to the "new" but i've also overcome the need to stay there. it's so hard! i can feel the shift of excitment when i think about going "back" somewhere. like the beginnings of things are the addiction. exploring cities or people, learning how to speak again, seeing their eyes open and close, then going to a new place, seeing the same things, but they are different because you have changed, you have become a product of the town before, and before, and before that... so you bring that to the next place or person. eirik spoke of a thread that holds everything together- there is that thread that continues to connect every moment and every thought. a thought only comes from a previous thought, so if we really spent some time (that would be a luxury!) we could trace our conversations back for days and weeks- and we could find the thread, the thought that started the next and the next...

somehow thoughts don't have the room to complete themselves unless there is a sense of home. having e's apartment for these days has given me a sense of home... which brings along habits and the need for ritual. walk in, go down the corridor, put the key on the table, look around the main room, then go to the bedroom to have personal space thoughts... then think about what to eat...what to drink...what to say....

today it's blue again. there were 3 rainy days here.... walking home from the studio at 3am in the rain was a bit rough but really beautiful too. found myself exploring this old wedding chapel from 1240 at 4 am 2 nights ago. my heart filled up, and had a mini explosion (i really felt my heart speed up and it felt wierd in my throat). feeling it all.

i hope these sessions don't sound to different from the stockholm sessions. i'm thinking of coming back here and recording 4 more songs so then there would be a "side a" and "side b" feeling. unless someplace or someone convinces me otherwise over the next few weeks. i go to stockholm on sunday.

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