Feb 19, 2009

big bodies

i was really needing to be close to water. so we went there on l's birthday- to a hidden coast of the lake and walked and walked. something cool happens when you are in the freezing cold and the sun is out.

Was given a book 'The Skin of a Lion'- by Michael Ondaatje - A lot of it takes place in toronto- and i was given a mini tour of certain areas that are featured in the book. like this strange and desolate water power plant. deco echo. i switched to lowercase.
another big body. love at first sight.

trying to break into a bakery. do you see us on the bottom left?
jerome was here in toronto to do some press for his shoes. 'jerome c. rousseau'- we were sitting in on the press meetings- he has such a elegant and powerful way about him. the way he can concisely talk about his work- he paints the perfect picture. his references and inspirations are so clear. his work is a product of his mind.

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helen said...

I can't imagine being near the ocean in the cold. I'm in the south (more like in the middle), where it's always hot or always cold; and it's never ever winter at the beach. What is snow like? If I had to pick a time to go to Canada, it would be during the snowy season too.