Feb 16, 2009

it never gets old

somehow these little crystal worlds that you see at tourist shops never get old. these little buddies were caught, suspended, mid swim, mid fin, in this tiny glass crystal. what will they think of next? suspending little holographic babies? oh wait. i've seen those too.

i have been really into making this soup. sometimes, when i cook for people, i feel like i am truly seen. i cook, they eat. i have given something to that food that is intangible. celery root, apple, leek soup. fennel and chervil oil (that has lemon zest in it- the fennel tops and chervil are chopped into the oil and let to sit for a few hours), sauteed chestnuts, creme fraiche. one of my moms friends said it was the best soup she had ever tasted. it made me feel real. i cooked it for some friends and a birthday on friday. i think i put too much of myself in it because i couldn't somehow talk to people for a couple hours. whoa, that was awkward.

i like peeping in on this photo that terri took of me during sound check. i can't remember where this was. i wanna say bergen. fog city, people.


nathaniel russell said...

loving the canadian bloggins. go deep!

Henry W. Ng said...

The soup looks cozy. January was actually "National Soup Month"...