Feb 25, 2009

Watermelon Radish & The Rubettes

Do I hear a new band name? Watermelon radish, when cut into pizza shapes, looks like mini pizza. Sorry to get all cute.com on you, but c'mon people.

Also, in other news, looks like I found the album cover already done for the side project that Terri and I are starting.
Introducing butter tarts everyone. I can't even begin to describe how good they are. I am already trying to figure out how to get these shipped to me in Scandinavia in a couple weeks because I am already fearing the lonliness that will ensue without these. A seriously Canadian treat. Better than poutine? I don't know yet.
Strange old paint combinations- there is a lot of the bright orange brick. Not sure how I feel about it. Will post later. In morse code.Which I'm learning, PS.
Feeling the teal.
Also, sometimes it feels good to not. This has been my theory for a while but lately I'm shifting. I'm glad to report that with every day brings more interest and passion in the same things. The endless pool of emotion just starts new every day. Someone told me I look really innocent last night. Is it because I'm falling for everything all the time? I'm getting control over it, kinda. Wait, I don't want to. Foresight. Foresight. Also recognizing where to put my energy. I want to do a project where I cut silhouettes out of mirror. When you try and see the person behind what he/she reflects back to you and then notice how that makes you feel. So many times I've just really liked the 'me' that was reflected back from someone or a new city. That is hard to admit, but I know you have done this too. You have to take the mirror out of the equation and see who they really are behind the mirror. Toxic stuff.

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