Feb 15, 2009

Fruit Hunter

So I met a new fave author of mine, Adam Gollner. He wrote 'The Fruit Hunters' which is an incredible and witty story about 'Nature, Adventure, Commerce, and Obsession.' I emailed him and then before too long we were in LA at 'the apple pan' eating hamburgers from one of the oldest burger joints in the city. I was in a daze that day and somehow it made the conversation last forever. I believe we covered a lot of things- which also involved a philosophical diagram that he charted out on a napkin. Universality: thesis .............. Particularity: antithesis........... Individuality: synthesis. This spawned from a conversation I had with my friend Eirik in Norway about 'Microscopic Truthfulness.' Saying a lot about something small- instead of saying a little about something big. This is helping my songwriting lately. I highly recommend this book. He is currently working on a book about people on the quest for immortality. This involves hanging in Big Sur talking to people searching for the fountain of youth- and a road trip through Transylvania. Vampires?

this looks like one of those photos where you meet someone you admire and then ask for a photo and then stretch out your arm to take said photo. uh wait, i guess this is how it went down. dag.
apple pan. yummmm. i was really hung up on the cone shaped paper cups.the straw went to the bottom. does this clarify things?

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